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I don’t usually work the fundraising side of the street, but here’s a unique opportunity for foundations and their grant partners to ramp up their work together.

The Fund for Shared Insight is now acceptingapplications for Listen for Good grants. Submissions are due by June 29, 2018click here for all the details.

Listen for Good is “an initiative dedicated to building the practice of listening to the people we seek to help.” Nonprofits and funders are invited to join this effort “to explore simple but systematic and rigorous ways of getting feedback” from people philanthropy is meant to serve. In non-foundation-speak, this is helpful market research for nonprofit service providers and the grantmakers who fund them. Local funders nominate a nonprofit grantee and commit to providing $15,000 to $30,000 for selected organizations in addition to the funding the nonprofit receives through the Listen for Good initiative.

This national funding partnership, supported by 69 co-founders, has made 158 grants totaling more than $21 million across the country. Hint: The Fund for Shared Insight has not received as many applications in the past from the Midwest, Upper Midwest and the Western US as other parts of the country. This is an opportunity to change that!

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