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I recently bumped into a friend  – a smart person, thoughtful parent, good teacher – and someone who is now managing building-wide school improvement programs at a local district.  There’s an upcoming election for a new state school superintendent and I asked my friend for their take on the candidates:


“I haven’t really been following that race.”


The outcome of this particular election will have an effect, large and small, on schools, districts, students, parents and our communities for years to come.  Doesn’t philanthropy have a responsibility to ensure people are fully informed and engaged in these important civic decisions?  It’s not just about education, but about the issues and candidates, the problems and solutions that move us forward to either create healthier, more vibrant communities or hold us back from that better future.


Efforts like Expect More Arizona ( and The Arizona We Want Institute ( are prime examples of how philanthropy takes this responsibility seriously.   To those foundations and individuals on the sidelines, give consideration on how you can step up to the plate through these kind of efforts or to create your own paths to fulfill this responsibility about our common future.

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