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“The stakeholder analysis by Strategy + Action told us where the value of our program is and how we can build upon our strengths. We also learned where the gaps are in our efforts and how we can turn those into opportunities to better serve children, parents and educators.”

Natalie Celeste, Member, Cleveland Schools Book Fund Oversight Board (Cleveland, OH)

Tina Milano, nationally known leader in the college access field and a nonprofit management expert, is now partnering with Strategy + Action/Philanthropy.  Tina was recently honored for her role as co-founder of the National College Access Network at that organization’s 20th Annual Conference.

Pictured above:  This past September in Orlando, Tina Milano (far right), John Dean  (center) and Chad Wick (left) were recognized at the National College Access Network’s 20th Annual Conference.  Tina was co-founder of NCAN,  John was the first chair and Chad Wick provided the original funding through the KnowledgeWorks Foundation.

Jeff Glebocki, CEO, Strategy + Action/Philanthropy, shared that “we’re really excited to have launched our partnership with Tina through two projects in Cleveland:”

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