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By Tina Milano, Associate
Strategy + Action/Philanthropy


Over the last few weeks, the mailman delivered reminders for me to schedule:


These notices, I keep telling myself, are useful because they help ensure I keep things running smoothly, prevent problems by seeing early warning signs of distress and address anything that is in need of repair or immediate replacement (like the rotors on my brakes) before things go awry.   In my many years of non-profit management, though, I don’t recall ever getting such a reminder to examine the immediate and long-term wellbeing of the organization I was managing.  In most cases, that suggestion really would have been appropriate and appreciated.


Have you thought of how to increase board engagement, reduce staff turnover, improve development
numbers, find effective ways to measure your success, right-size the cost of programs, or determine your organization’s position in a changing market place?


Often, when we at Strategy + Action/Philanthropy work with non-profit agencies, we see conditions that could benefit from preventative action.


Our experienced staff is well-equipped to conduct an operational review of your organization.  We’ll look at how your strengths can be sustained and where your vulnerabilities can be addressed before they turn into liabilities.  We will focus on the best ways you can manage and govern to bolster your success.


If you, as a board member or executive, see opportunities to strengthen the performance of your organization – but aren’t sure which path to take – consider talking with us about how we might help.  Our expertise is in helping nonprofit organizations ramp up their operations and their impact.


Contact us to help you take a look at your organization through an outsider’s expert eye and keep your organization strong and well-prepared for tomorrow’s challenges.


Tina Milano, Associate
Strategy + Action/Philanthropy


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